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Regenerative Farms
Ashfield, Massachusetts
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This session is currently inactive, and cannot accept applications at this time.


Session Overview

I want to begin evaluating our programmatic effectiveness so we can communicate our impact to our potential donors using quantifiable and meaningful data and stories from our field partners. In this session, I'd like to hear 1 to 3 big ideas of the most useful impact areas we can measure without funding to do a lot of data collection in the field. We've worked with some evaluators and have a Theory of Change and some core metrics about our programmatic work, but less so around our non-profit effectiveness. I'd love to discuss and hear your advice on best places and questions/processes to use to get started I a low-cost way this year.


Nonprofit Overview

Since the pandemic, hunger and malnutrition have surged, creating an unprecedented global food emergency according to the UN World Food Program. In today's world there are more frequent weather disasters that are threatening food security everywhere. In many parts of the world, up to 80% of a child’s food is grown by their mother. Gender oppression and violence also rose steeply during the pandemic, and continue to be the accepted norm in too many places. Because of this, women lack access to many of the resources they need to grow enough food. During the pandemic those resources became even more scarce and moms bore the brunt of added hours of work each day that had to be spent caring for sick, elderly and children as the world shut down leaving less time for growing food. As a result, today 1 in 3 children where we work are malnourished, facing a lifetime of physical and mental deficits that could easily have been prevented. That's why our solution to child hunger is very different than most. We work at the source of the problem providing a simple solution that builds women farmers' weather resilience to prevent children from ever facing hunger. We provide women with what is needed to grow their food security and resilience long before disaster strikes.

The generous donation of your expertise helps us keep our overhead low (we only have one part-time US staff member) so we can put more of our funding toward cultivating hope, nourishing futures, and saving children's lives all around the world."


Strategic analysis