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League of Women Voters of Alameda Inc.
Alameda, California
Website design
2 projects

Member since 2021-12-29

Session Overview

Our organization, League of Women Voters of Alameda ( is seeking design help with our online civic engagement game VerifyIt! (

We think that a UX/UI designer could help us to make the game more accessible and user friendly especially the home page, about and the table that lists the different games. We would like to speak with a professional who could tell us more about how a designer might help, how to craft an appropriate project description and what if anything we need to do to prepare before we request the services of a designer.


Nonprofit Overview

The mission of the LWV is to empower voters and defend democracy. The League is a nonpartisan organization that encourages informed and active citizen participation in government at all levels. The League neither supports nor opposes candidates or political parties at any level of government, but always works on vital issues of concern to members and the public.


User interface design