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Richmond Peace Education Center
Richmond, Virginia
Website development

Member since 2023-02-04

Session Overview

I need some advice about how to best proceed with our website hosting which was set up before I was hired ( Currently, we pay for hosting through Bluehost which costs $287.64 a year ($203.88 for WordPress Plus Hosting, $47.77 for CodeGuard Basic, $35.88 SpamExperts Mail Filtering). We also have all of our organizations email going through Bluehost. In addition to that, we are paying $168 a year for Squarespace, which makes me think that we don't need to be paying Bluehost for WordPress Plus Hosting. Also, I was considering switching from Bluehost to Hostinger which would only be $107.88 when we renew, but I don't know if that is a wise decision or if that's something I should attempt on my own. Also, any knowledge you have about Google Workspace would be helpful because I'd like to start using it, but I'm not sure how that would impact or change things that we already have set up. However, the Google Workspace stuff is just extra. The web hosting is the most important need right now.


Nonprofit Overview

We build just, inclusive, nonviolent communities through education and action.


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Web development