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Boss Kidz Inc
Mableton, Alaska
Marketing Strategy

Member since 2023-03-07

This session is currently inactive, and cannot accept applications at this time.


Session Overview

1-3 Week Project | Email Template Design | Well-designed marketing materials are a game-changer! Eye-catching templates can get potential donors to scroll all the way through an email and click on a call to action.

Nonprofit Overview

Our mission is to inspire students who feel disconnected from school and provide them with a creative, hands-on environment designed to teach them a professional skill set centered around the world of business. Our program is uniquely designed to provide students with a creative outlet that connects them with like-minded peers and allows them to collaborate and even earn a profit!

Our focus areas are STEM, Financial Literacy, Leadership/Career Readiness, and Internships and Apprenticeships for Youth and Young Adults.

Our Boss Kidz Club programs for Elementary and Middle School include Young Money Mavericks. ​Chapter members determine a product or service they can sell, and 90% of the profits earned are distributed to the kids. The kids are then given a certificate to be used at a participating financial institution to open up checking savings or investment accounts. The remaining portion of the profits goes to the school and a community-based organization selected by the students.

Our Programs for High School and College Include:
- The Boss Kidz Inc. Ambassador Program
- The Boss Kidz Talk (BKT) podcast


Marketing strategy