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The Healthcare Navigation Project
Milford, Connecticut
HR Management
3 projects

Member since 2022-09-13

Session Overview

We are looking for a brainstorm session with an HR benefits person or anyone who is in or works with HR who can help us put together a deck for microlearning/health & wellness training to present to corporations.

Our universal health and wellness program can be used to as a recruiting and retention tool or to satisfy health literacy, equity and inclusion mandates and rebates under Healthy People 2030, and the new definition of Health Literacy along with Social Determinants of Health.

Our hope is to fund our program to our underserved communities with corporate sponsorships and in return we will give all their employees the skills they will need to navigate the future of healthcare... which is filled with AI and everyone needs to understand how to get through/around, how to actually USE their healthcare and understand well enough to make "well informed decisions for themselves and others".


Nonprofit Overview

The Healthcare Navigation Project is an independent 501(c)(3) intentionally designed to disrupt our complex healthcare system with a health literacy and mental health life-skills programĀ©2022, for ALL youth transitioning to adult care (HCT). This includes rare or chronic disease, underserved communities, or those with educational disabilities.


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