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Museum of Craft and Design
San Francisco, California
Project Management

Member since 2023-03-15

This session is currently inactive, and cannot accept applications at this time.


Session Overview

The Museum of Craft and Design offers numerous on-site events and free hands-on art programs for children and adults throughout San Francisco (as seen here, on our website's Mobile MakeArt page(s) Our grantors request data that has become increasingly challenging for the organization to efficiently track. We would benefit from project management expertise to help us identify improved systems and/or tools to utilize in our tracking and reporting methods. Currently, we use a mix of GoogleSheets, reports from the organization's CRM/ticketing database Altru, and a clicker to count attendees by sight. We track program participants, group tours, and museum attendees; EBT cardholders; the number of children versus adults at our free off-site programs; the number of folks engaged online; the number of participating children who live in underserved neighborhoods/attend Title 1 Public Schools; the number of MakeArt Kits the museum distributed (over 10,000 in 2022) and where, and other information. We're hoping there are alternatives to our ever-growing spreadsheet system!


Nonprofit Overview

Through inspired exhibitions and experiential programs, the Museum of Craft and Design explores the creative process and current perspectives in craft and design. Our vision is to ensure access to creativity for all.


Project management