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Cure Ahc Foundation
Rutherford, New Jersey
Marketing Strategy

Member since 2021-01-15

Session Overview

I have recently stepped into a role as VP of fundraising for a small non-profit organization with a big mission "Cure AHC." AHC is a rare disease that my son also suffers with. I have been in a similar role for some time but in 2023 I want to make a bigger impact and expand my skills. I could use assistance with marketing strategies to expand our donor pool and reach larger audiences as well how to engage people outside of our community.

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Nonprofit Overview

Cure AHC envisions a world where Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood no longer robs its sufferers of the chance to participate fully in life, and where no case goes undiagnosed for lack of awareness. Our mission is to financially support research and therapies, improve quality of life and strengthen connections to the global AHC community.


Social media strategy