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Break A Difference
Baltimore, Maryland
IT Infrastructure
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Member since 2022-06-10

Session Overview

We are looking to assess available software options to manage the placement of contractors who we engage to lead volunteers in managing efforts after disasters. We currently do all of our placement, tracking and "CRM" in google sheets, which works for the most part, but as we scale up, we're looking to identify better ways to engage these folks more efficiently, so we can focus more of our efforts on the other parts of our work that can't be automated.

We'd love to have someone help us identify the requirements we need to articulate to find the right product and help us understand the best process for researching and vetting so we don't learn tons via trial and error. At the end of this, we'll have a clear roadmap of what we're looking for and how to get it.


Nonprofit Overview

Break A Difference is a nonprofit organization with the goal of accelerating young leaders on a trajectory of lifelong service. We believe in the transformative power of volunteerism, both for the individual volunteer and the community in which they serve.


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