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T.E.A.M. 4 Travis
Litchfield Park, Arizona
Board Development
3 projects

Member since 2020-02-13

Session Overview

We are seeking advice on the payment of a small monthly stipend to an Executive Director. From our 2019 start until now, we have not had an ED. I've been the president and founder of our organization. We would like to know the best way to convert my role to that of ED, and have the foundation pay a small monthly stipend to the ED. We want to make sure we stay within legal guidelines. We'd also appreciate advice on the tax implications of this potential change.


Nonprofit Overview

T.E.A.M. 4 Travis' mission is to help prevent childhood death from the rare genetic birth defect Isolated Congenital Asplenia. We advocate and fundraise to support medical research, increased community awareness and medical education and development of a diagnostic and treatment plan.


Board development