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Musicbreeds Inc.
Massapequa, New York
Sales and Customer Service

Member since 2022-09-25

Session Overview

Our current bread and butter is our Educational Partnership offering. This is where we partner with school districts to bring our after school programs to their schools either middle school or high school.

The problem - creating a solid funnel of reaching the school contacts we have in our database. We know who we want to contact but do not have the manpower to contact them where it would create real momentum. I am also re-thinking the pricing model and the setup of how we are offering the partnership with intent on increasing the value proposition.

Questions for discussion:
1. Should I change the target audience from superintendents to another stakeholder?
2. How to mitigate the lack of personnel or time to really dive into the database of over 1000 contacts to pitch to?
3. Should I re-think the pricing model or the partnership structure as whole?

Thank you for your time in advance!


Nonprofit Overview

MusicBreeds is a comprehensive nationwide initiative to re-engage and re-connect students to customized learning pathways — integrating academics, social emotional learning, and personalized enrichment experiences using music as the vehicle.