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The Half Percent Project Inc.
New York, New York
Marketing Strategy

Member since 2022-09-20

Session Overview

Our organization is only two years old and would benefit from an evaluation of our current social media presence (website/Instagram/Facebook/Linkedin) and suggestions on how to enhance/evolve our current presence to foster greater engagement and, ultimately, improve fundraising so that we can have more of an impact in helping animal welfare organization. An improved social media strategy would also ideally lead to greater engagement with potential philanthropies to have them increase their annual funding to animal welfare organizations.


Nonprofit Overview

The Half Percent Project was created to educate foundations and philanthropists on the plight of animals and the need to consider animal welfare as part of their giving portfolio. We help animal welfare organizations improve their structure, governance, and operations and obtain access to funds. We will provide the “playbook” for transformation and funds to support this.

We want to encourage philanthropists and foundations to direct a half percent of their annual giving towards supporting animal welfare.


Social media strategy