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Changing Ground Project
New York, New York
Business Planning

Member since 2021-07-08

Session Overview

The Changing Ground Project is an independant land readjustment facilitator that works between communities, municipalities, and developers. Homeowners are able to assemble their land and have it redevloped by a developer without ever losing ownership of their land. The project aims to urbanize low density suburban areas and build community wealth.

It is a pilot housing project and currently under a fiscal sponsorship. I would like to start an independent 501(c)3 and wanted to know if I can provide consulting services within a 501(c)3 and also accept payment from a developer's fee? Trying to figure out the optimum business structure for the organization - should it be non-profit or private consultancy? Can it be a hybrid of both? Would love some organizational structure / legal advice for non-profit consulting services. Thank you!

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Nonprofit Overview

The Changing Ground Project is a pilot housing and community development initiative whose mission is to use land readjustment strategies to build community wealth while easing the land assemblage process for investors. Our objective is to transform low-density sprawl into mixed-use, walkable areas.


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