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New England Justice for Our Neighbors
Belmont, Massachusetts
Board Development

Member since 2022-01-26

Session Overview

Our organization is at an inflection point after the hiring of me, the first ED and paid staff person. With my arrival, several Board members have decided to step down or step back from the work they were doing, "now that we have an ED." This includes our Board chair, who is stepping down in a few months even though there is no one on the current Board who can fill the role. Meanwhile, the Board in general doesn't understand their role in supporting the organization, supporting fundraising, and acting as ambassadors for the organization. The final solution is going to be recruiting several new Board members as soon as possible and continuing to change over the Board. Although it's not necessarily appropriate, this is falling onto me to accomplish. I would appreciate a thought partner to discuss ways of finding Board members, thinking through the key skills we need on the Board right now, and how we can approach (hopefully) onboarding several new members including, presumably, a new Chair.


Nonprofit Overview

New England Justice for Our Neighbors welcomes immigrants by providing free, expert legal services to low-income immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. We also engage in advocacy for immigrant justice and offer education to communities of faith and the public.


Board development