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Center for Council
Los Angeles, California
IT Infrastructure

Member since 2021-03-31

Session Overview

We are currently applying for an Amazon AWS grant and want to see if our project is a good fit. Someone with experience with Amazon AWS would be ideal who can talk to us about the feasibility of building out our program curriculum and data collection methodology on the platform. We currently do not have an IT person or a lot of tech capability on our staff. We are trying to determine if the investment makes sense for an organization of our size and scope. The award would be $100k in unrestricted income and $150 in AWS credit to build out our solution.


Nonprofit Overview

Center for Council envisions a world in which every voice is heard, no one is invisible, and everyone has the opportunity to connect to community. To achieve this vision, Center for Council’s mission is to deliver programs that promote communication, enhance well-being, build community, and foster compassion.


System administration
Information architecture
Data science