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Gorilla Rehabilitation and Conservation Education (GRACE) Center
Niwot, Colorado
Project Management

Member since 2022-02-14

Session Overview

GRACE Gorillas is looking to reopen the online "GRACE Shop" in preparation for World Gorilla Day (Sep. 24th). We have some preliminary ideas as to what merchandise we would like to start with, but are in need of professional assistance with branding/graphic design (how to curate a cohesive collection of products); sourcing and fulfillment (we are looking for quality, sustainable products from reputable companies that will handle fulfillment); platform suggestions where we can sell our products, and how to link back to the GRACE website.

All proceeds from merchandise sales will benefit GRACE Gorillas' efforts to care for orphaned gorillas, empower communities, and conserve Grauer's gorillas and forests in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We have started compiling a list of resources that we have, and ideas of merchandise that we are interested in starting with. We would love to speak with someone who is passionate about merchandising and can help get the ball rolling, quickly.


Nonprofit Overview

GRACE's mission is to provide excellent care for rescued Grauer's gorillas and work alongside Congolese communities to promote the conservation of wild gorillas and their habitat.


Project management