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Connect All
Marketing Strategy

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I don't have right knowledge base to most effectively develop the ask for the project I need. I know I need a sound marketing strategy, and that includes the effective branding and messaging - what I'm unclear on when I look at the project drop down options is which one I should ask for first, as they seem to go together. Then also, what language should I use in the project ask, to describe my challenges with those areas and identify the specifics of the ask.
And while, I know the lack in what I have, you do what you can as you can - so here is my website as is for reference
My initiative and the website officially kicked off in December, so everything is a recent work in progress.


Nonprofit Overview

Connect All is a global initiative based on goodness and logic - to address all that can be, for all life to have the most safety and hopeful possibilities.


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Marketing management
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