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Hugs and Smiles Children's Foundation
Deerfield Beach, FL
Business Planning

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Tips for getting the most out of your session

Familiarize yourself with the nonprofit. Do some quick research and skim through anything you can find such as their website and/or social media.
Make a list of questions you have to clarify your understanding of their challenge.
Have the mindset of keeping the call focused on an issue that can be addressed in a 1-hour consultation, and steer the nonprofit to tangible next steps.

Session Overview

I have a non profit called Hugs and Smiles Children's Foundation. Uniting children of all backgrounds and ethnicities through free music, art and dance programs. I am redoing my business plan and working on my grants now. I have a budget and have the sponsorship packets rI think are ready to go. I need help in completing it and changing a few things.I am the Founder and Executive Director and need some help with the emails I will send out to my sponsors.
I also need to be more proficient in social media management. Maybe there is someone who can help with that as well. I appreciate your support and consideration.


Nonprofit Overview

Uniting Children of all ethnicities through Music, Art and Dance Programs.
Hugs and Smiles Children’s Foundation was formed to bring solutions and opportunities to struggling youths of all different races, religions, color ,cultures and special needs through free and low cost Music, Art ,and Dance programs. Since most public school do not provide these services these programs will help the children keep off the streets and turning them into productive community assets with a sense of pride and respect form their peers

Regardless of a family's financial status, children from all walks of life are facing challenges, from financial hardship, to bullying, discrimination because of the color of their skin, religious beliefs, to learning disabilities. In todays' climate we need to do our best to ensure that all children can have a happy, positive and productive path towards a successful life.

Hugs and Smiles programs are focused on the cultural humanities of the arts. Music, Art, and Dance programs are no longer addressed in many schools. We offer workshops, exploration, and opportunities in those areas, as they are known to build confidence, increase self - esteem, and enrich lives.

Our programs help children communicate, connect, and collaborate within a safe environment. Music, Art, and Dance have no barriers in race, color, creed or religion. The arts have been proven to inspire, elevate and ignite the passions of
the individual, allowing the freedom to be fully self-expressed and shine in otherwise unexplored avenues.
After School Programs/ summer camp programs

Each of our programs will consist of a 6 class series over 6 weeks .
We will have a showcase every other month to present all their hard work, dedication, and effort the children put into their 6 class program.
These children and their efforts are helping the senior community .
The problems
1.the elderly have been idle
3. lonely
4.overly prescribed with drugs and alcoholism
Having these children come and perform in these locations give the elderly and children a sense of love and belonging.

Our locations
A. Various Parks and Recreations B. Galleries C. Museums D. Auto Dealerships E. Restaurants F. Private Homes G. Schools H. Senior communities.

The ultimate goal including the smaller events throughout the year is to have 2 main fundraising events. We are now putting on concerts, talent shows, art showings and auctions with the children (and celebrity figures) who have been participating in our after- summer/school programs. This will give these children a sense of accomplishment, hope, and pride. My goal is to help these children learn how to dream and give them the support they need for a fruitful and happy life into their future.


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