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Vietnamese American Services, Inc.
Silver Spring, Maryland
1 project

Member since 2016-04-22

This session is currently inactive, and cannot accept applications at this time.

Tips for getting the most out of your session

Familiarize yourself with the nonprofit. Do some quick research and skim through anything you can find such as their website and/or social media.
Make a list of questions you have to clarify your understanding of their challenge.
Have the mindset of keeping the call focused on an issue that can be addressed in a 1-hour consultation, and steer the nonprofit to tangible next steps.



Session Overview

-How to create a digital intake form with docusign, and upload digital intake form.
-Properly using relationship/account tab.
-Mass migrate salesforce services or programs (for example, job links is now its own program.
-Create a mass service entry option. For example, multiple clients come for one service in a single day (for example, 20 clients attend english class).


Nonprofit Overview

The mission of Vietnamese American Services, Inc. (VAS), which is a non-profit organization, is to address new and existing needs of the Vietnamese population in the Greater Washington Metro area. VAS focuses on outreach approaches to improve the quality of life for the Vietnamese community. VAS also assists them to integrate better into American society by helping enroll or connect them to resources and opportunities that best serve their needs.