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Friends of Bonobos
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Durham, North Carolina
Marketing Strategy

Posted May 09
Member since 2018-12-12

Project Overview

We are looking for a volunteer who can provide us with SEO assistance!

We are in search of a skilled volunteer who can:
1) Use available data we have from our website platform provider (WIX); a Semrush site audit (free trial version); Google Analytics, and PageSpeed Insights, as well as perhaps new data generated by you to decide which changes to our website and/or external to our website will have the greatest impact on improving our appearance in organic search results
2) Implement the highest-priority changes. Some of the issues identified that we've already worked on: non-system fonts, pages with low text to html ratio, errors in headings or absent headings. We want to hone our strategy, get short-term help with improvements, and get advice on how to keep improving after the project is completed - so this project is both about strategy and implementation.

At Friends of Bonobos (United States) our mission is to save bonobos from extinction and to protect their rainforest home. We support Friends of Bonobos of Congo, which operates the world's only bonobo sanctuary and is the only organization that has ever returned bonobos to the wild. Because of poaching and habitat destruction, matriarchal bonobos - humankind's closet genetic cousins - could be wiped out within our lifetimes.

A critical strategy for preventing this tragedy is raising awareness of bonobos through digital marketing. We seek to be the "go-to" bonobo organization, and when people search online for “bonobos” or “bonobo” we want to be easily found. The goal is to get more people invested in a creating a better future for them. Bonobos and humans have 98.7% the same DNA but very few people know about them. You can help change that!

We have a current live website that is built with WIX. We are prepared to provide the SEO specialist with admin access to our site any other tools required (Google Analytics, etc.). We are willing to be in regular communication with the SEO specialist and transfer all of the relevant information. NB: We do not have an IT department or a "webmaster;" we have comms and marketing people who fill these roles.


Nonprofit Overview

We're on a mission to save and protect bonobos and their rainforest home - forever.

We do this through rescue, sanctuary, and rewilding, by partnering with local communities to tackle root causes and save rainforest, and by raising the profile of bonobos locally and globally.


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