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Charlotte, North Carolina
Marketing Strategy

Posted May 09
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This project is currently inactive, and cannot accept applications at this time.


Project Overview

Generational Wealth Educators (GWE) seeks a skilled marketing strategist to develop a comprehensive marketing plan for our Academy of Future Leaders (AFL) program.

AFL is a holistic, community-focused program dedicated to empowering young individuals aged 12 to 18, predominantly from communities experiencing high poverty. The program integrates a metaverse experience into its curriculum and is built on educational pillars of personal development, financial literacy, workforce development, and wealth creation.

This project involves creating a detailed marketing plan, designing email templates, and planning social media content topics. The goal is to increase program awareness, participant enrollment, and community engagement, ultimately contributing to the development of future entrepreneurs and small businesses within our community.

Expected Outcomes:
1. A detailed marketing plan tailored to reach and engage our target demographic effectively.
2. Ready-to-use email templates for various stages of the customer journey.
3. A social media content calendar with topics that align with our program's goals and pillars.

By developing a comprehensive marketing strategy, including email and social media content, the volunteer will play a crucial role in increasing enrollment and empowering young individuals from underserved communities. This project offers a unique opportunity to create significant community impact, expand professional networks, and contribute to a transformative educational initiative aimed at developing future entrepreneurs and leaders.

The volunteer will collaborate closely with our communications team, including a social media manager, who will handle the creation of social media posts based on the provided content topics. Regular check-ins will ensure alignment with our program’s vision and goals, and adjustments will be made as necessary to optimize the impact of the marketing efforts.


Nonprofit Overview

GWE helps families create legacies for generations to come. GWE helps low-income communities give future generations a head start on life with the mission to promote financial and mental wellness, investing, and homeownership. We will rebuild our communities to give everyone a higher quality of life.


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