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Saving Promise Inc.
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Washington, D.C.
Grant writing/development
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Posted May 16
Member since 2016-06-23

Project Overview

We are looking for a volunteer to create a grant proposal template for our Girl's Leadership and Empowerment Program.

Are you passionate about empowering and supporting at-risk and underserved girls? Join us as a volunteer to help secure funding for our innovative Only 11 Minutes Girl's Leadership and Empowerment program. This initiative focuses on educating girls about healthy relationships, providing practical skill development in STEM, financial literacy, career development, leadership, and self-confidence, as well as offering a Mentorship Program to foster personal and professional growth. As a volunteer grant writer/consultant, we need your help to draft a grant proposal template targeted at corporate and foundation grant opportunities to secure funding to launch our program. Your support will enable us to expand our reach and make a meaningful difference in the lives of these young girls.With approximately one in three adolescent girls in the US experiencing dating violence, studies on empowering girls and young women who have experienced dating violence show that by equipping girls with leadership skills, career development opportunities, and other resources can have a profound impact.

The initiative aligns with our mission to empower disadvantaged communities through education, mentorship, and comprehensive support to help break the cycle of abuse. By leveraging their grant writing skills and securing funding for the Only 11 Minutes program, volunteers contribute to empowering girls affected by IPV, enabling them to avoid unhealthy relationships and foster a safer and more equitable future for all.We have fleshed out the program concept and approach as well as drafted some initial materials to help with the proposal template development process. Once completed, we plan to implement the program by securing community partners and targeting girl's organizations and groups to participate in the program.


Nonprofit Overview

Saving Promise’s mission is to disrupt the cycle of intimate partner violence and create safer communities for generations to come, with a particular emphasis on at-risk, vulnerable, under-served, and under-represented populations.


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