The Black Girl Health Collective
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Dover, Delaware
Website design

Posted April 16
Member since 2024-04-12

This project is currently inactive, and cannot accept applications at this time.


Project Overview

We are looking for someone to help design for a space on our website that enables networking and community building. We have a structure currently on an external site, but are interested in hosting this functionality ourselves. We are interested in a platform that allows members to build community, have access to our content, information, and learnings.

This project will include:
-Learning about our community members' social networking and resource needs
-Creating wireframes for a community-building space on our website and 2 rounds of feedback with our team
-Designing the community-building space, incorporating our brand and imagery

This project will not include:
-Website development (i.e. implementing the designs)

The Black Girl Health Collective (BGHC) is a 501c3 designated non-profit founded in Delaware, where we possess one of the most overburdened healthcare systems in the country. With only 7 public-serving hospitals to support over 1 million people, BGHC radically reimagines community health and education.

Our goal is to bring together individuals, communities, providers, and field experts to create a network of trust-based networking, resource sharing, and systems change initiatives. Allowing folks to reimagine what health means, feels like, and looks like. Our work is inclusive, accessible, and exists in a culturally aware container that centers the experience of the Black communities across the nation. Our core content areas include reproductive health and access, chronic diseases, nutrition, preventative and primary care, and mental health.

BGHC provides services to our communities in multiple formats: in-person pop-ups, large-scale conferences, digital resource sharing and webinars, and online / in-person networks. Our varied programming format allows folks to connect with us in the way that best fits their needs, providing them the support system and resources they deserve. We believe prevention, healing, and community can be created in our own backyards. We are looking for someone to take our organization to the next level and allow us to continue to extend our reach and access to information, resources, and pathways to care.

We have a small team with varied levels of technical experience and understanding of programming and IT. Once the design project is complete, we have team members ready to support our system and continue its development and ongoing support.


Nonprofit Overview

Our mission is, "To create healthy informed communities by curating spaces to educate and promote autonomy in wellness and wholeness."

Our Vision

"We envision a world where black women, girls, gender expansive people and under-represented communities, clinicians, providers and allies at all stages of the life course have the access, resources and safe space to make the best informed and autonomous decisions for themselves.

We radically reimagine community health where barriers in power dynamics and economic limitations are deconstructed.


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