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Stamford, Connecticut
Accounting & Finance

Posted April 16
Member since 2016-09-21

Project Overview

ChickTech's former PEO (Professional Employment Organization) went out of business abruptly, forcing us to find a new provider as quickly as possible. While we are now set up with a new PEO, there were three net paychecks issued to staff in the interim. We need support from someone with tax compliance or CPA experience who can help us make payroll tax deposits and file reports for that period of time during which ChickTech issued net checks to employees.

We have itemized reports showing deductions and contributions, but need help navigating the payroll tax deposits and reports for that short timeframe to ensure we are in compliance.

ChickTech is in this position because our former PEO defrauded us, along with most (if not all) of their other clients. Providing support to us right now means the world to our very small team who have been lied to and stolen from by a company we worked with for many years. By helping us stay in compliance, you are ensuring we can continue our work and fulfill our mission despite the incredible setbacks thrust upon us by our former PEO.

We have an itemized spreadsheet showing all contributions and deductions for employees. You will review that report and provide step-by-step instructions for guidance for how and when to make the tax deposits needed and file any appropriate reports on a state and federal level for three pay periods.


Nonprofit Overview

ChickTech was founded in 2012 to engage youth and adults of marginalized genders in the technology industry while working to create a better technology culture for all.

We build communities, empower participants to see themselves as leaders, and provide networking and mentoring opportunities in a rapidly growing industry. ChickTech has made a direct impact on tens of thousands of people of all genders, ages, abilities, and backgrounds.


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