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St. Mary's Refuge
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Kingston, Canada

Posted April 09
Member since 2024-02-09

Project Overview

Our team is looking for a volunteer to help us make short and marketable clips to advertise our programs (think Instagram Reels).

We are looking to make clips for at least 4 of our programs that could be shared on social media. We would like to do this by using the videos that we already have and by providing any more material that may be required in collaboration with the volunteer video editor.

St. Mary of Egypt Refuge is a place of respite, support and healing for the most vulnerable. For 20 years, we have been providing retreats and programs for people all walks of life who are hurting or living on the margins. This includes low-income families, newcomers, seniors, and survivors of trafficking. What we offer is unique as we have 265 acres of beautiful property that we love to especially share with those who seldom get the chance to spend time in nature. One area that is a challenge for us is getting the word out about our programs and what we offer. We are looking for a skilled volunteer who can help us to edit videos and make compelling clips about our programs so that we are better able to connect with the surrounding rural areas but also with those living in urban environments. As a volunteer video editor, you'll have the opportunity to sharpen your skills, work on meaningful projects, and make a real difference in the lives of others. You should have experience with video editing software and a passion for storytelling and be acquainted with social media. Your work will directly contribute to raising awareness, attracting donors, and engaging our community. Thank you for considering volunteering with us. Your dedication will amplify our outreach efforts, enabling us to reach out to those who would benefit most from our programs.

In preparation for this project, we have created longer promotional videos that could serve as a foundation for a few short clips. Once the project is complete, we will share these short videos on our social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram) and our website so that the right people can easily learn about the great programs we have to offer!


Nonprofit Overview

St. Mary of Egypt Refuge is a simple place where ordinary people come together in a beautiful, natural setting for respite and support. We tend and maintain a community site on 245 acres of land on the Black River in Hastings County. We invite people who are in financial or personal need, whatever their background, to spend time at the Refuge. Here we offer shelter, nourishment, fellowship, shared meals and work, re-connection with nature and with our own inner selves, fresh air, and space. We offer a range of programs, including camps and retreats for youth, women, men, families, seniors and newcomers, an organic garden and livestock. Our space is available to communities and organizations that share our vision and want to gather here for a time. The Refuge is about people who share this dream of sharing with the poor and with one another, in the most concrete ways: doing dishes, sweeping floors, sharing tasks, meals and life's events. Our programs are an expression of this life we share, but the shared life itself is the heart of our mission.


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