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Making Dollars and Sense, Inc.
6 - 9 weeks
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West Palm Beach, Florida
Grant writing/development

Posted January 27
Member since 2022-12-30

Project Overview

We are looking for an expert to help us put together a grant application. Our nonprofit organization was founded to help eliminate poverty permanently in our county in 25 years. We are developing a curriculum along with content to facilitate this program. We believe that most, if not all, the organizations that engage in poverty elimination programs, fail because they only teach and not help the candidate through the implementation process. Our clients are provided with financial advisors for free until they are entrenched into the financial system and make this a way of life. We are going to start with our local high schools and colleges and aim for 100% penetration. In order to meet our goal, we need funding from grants.

There are 180,000 folks living in poverty in Palm Beach County, Florida. Poverty takes away our joy and our ability to enjoy life to the fullest. Those of us in poverty lack access to a good healthcare system and are often in poor health. This makes our ability to get and keep a good job a little harder. It takes away our self-esteem. We often pass this along from generation to generation and it becomes the lifestyle of our families for generations. Those of us in poverty do not contribute much to our national economy and therefore folks ignore us and look down on us. This should not be so, because we can actually join heads together, folks in poverty with folks not in poverty along with government and businesses. This will actually benefit everyone. Because when folks get out of poverty, they begin to contribute more to the economy and everyone benefits from this, especially the communities we live in.

We have individuals with knowledge of how to put this process together for our program and we will be receiving expert help with Step Up South Florida of Deloitte. We just need the funding to make it happen.


Nonprofit Overview

We want to develop a financial literacy curriculum to be taught in high schools and colleges as well as online to show participants how to get out and stay out of poverty permanently, for themselves and their future generations. Participants stay in this program throughout their lives. Our goal is to reach all high school students in our community perpetually.


Grant writing