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In Her Vision Foundation, Inc
4 - 5 weeks
Can be done remotely
Durham, North Carolina
Business Planning
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Posted January 24
Member since 2021-04-07

Project Overview

As a young nonprofit (inception in 2021), we are in need of a skilled volunteer who is able to create a clear outline of the business side of our organization. We are looking for more clarity around the do's and don'ts of our spending and the use of our funds. How to optimize the money we receive through grants and donations to pay for all aspects of our work, including our employees.

As our organization is getting more footing and fulfilling our mission, we are recognizing our lack of a solid business development plan. Your skills and expertise in this field will allow us to get a better handle on how to effectively use the money we are bringing in to pay for the mobile eye care events/clinics we run and how to pay our employees a sustainable fair income. It takes a combination of volunteers as well as project managers/coordinators/accountant supervisors/administrative assistants to make our work possible. In hopes of expanding and doing more outreach, we need to be able to have a clear plan of how to continue the work while maintaining a fair and equitable pay structure for those who are part of the organization.

We have a clear picture of our finances, the money we are taking in, and how the funds are distributed. We are very fluent in various spreadsheets to help as tools in organizing our financials. We plan on putting this plan into effect as it is being developed/or when it is completed to help secure our footing in continuing our mission.


Nonprofit Overview

Provide accessible free comprehensive eye care to women, children and those individuals who identify as gender non-binary in communities with limited access to health care due to socio-economic challenges.


Business planning
Business analysis
Strategic analysis
Cash flow forecasting