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Tea Arts & Culture
1 - 3 weeks
Can be done remotely
Brooklyn, New York
Accounting & Finance

Posted January 24
Member since 2022-10-25

Project Overview

We are looking for an experienced non-profit accounting specialist to help us audit our current accounting system and suggest best practices. Since we incorporated in 2021, we have been doing basic accounting for our income and expenses. With the organization's growth, we see more and more accounting work to keep all the numbers updated and organized. We want to figure out a system to streamline our work. We'd like someone to help us with the following:
-Audit the current accounting system
-Build simple accounting guidelines with the director and treasurer for internal/external accounting-related procedures
-Advice on best practices to streamline work so we can focus on what we do
-Communicate with the treasurer and financial consultant for the most efficient ways to use real numbers for executive financial decision making
-Budget plan for accounting in the next five years
-Any other suggestions you will have for non-profits like us

Living in a time of change with many undisguised social challenges, big conflicts are present in our everyday life. We are oversaturated with information and pressure, yet making authentic and meaningful connections feels harder. Tea is an ancient and proven activity for creating space, time, reflection, and connection. A coveted beverage that has spread worldwide, woven into the kaleidoscope of human life regardless of cultural, linguistic, and age differences. We organize multidisciplinary community events, educational workshops, and collaborations centered on exploring and appreciating tea arts and culture. The beauty of tea can be a source of inspiration, self-reflection, and connection, as we have seen in every engagement we have had.

After the full focus on programming in the past two years, we are making more efforts to diversify the funding resources this year and expect a lot of growth in the coming years. We have started to feel overwhelmed with accounting on top of everything else. We know a well-organized accounting system is fundamental to running any organization, especially for a growing non-profit when resources are limited. We want to focus more on what we do and do it efficiently. This work is a crucial part of our organizational growth, and we are ready to make it happen.
We have prepared the following:
-An operating non-profit bank account with digital payment/checks
-Previous years of accounting records
-An accounting software we are trying to use
-Invoice intake forms for reimbursement and payment request
-Any other financial documents will support this work
-Executive director, treasurer, and financial consultant on the board to work together

After the project is complete, we are going to implement it with the following steps:
- Brief meeting with the team to get clarity on suggested changed procedures
- Review the budget and incorporate the budget along with the organization's growth
- Review outcomes accordingly


Nonprofit Overview

Creating connections through tea. Tea Arts & Culture is committed to bringing people together to explore, cultivate, and share an appreciation of tea. We believe that the beauty of tea can be a source of inspiration, self-reflection, and connection. Together let’s envision and work towards a better world rooted in harmony with nature and compassion for each other.