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Creative Emajinations
1 - 3 weeks
Can be done remotely
Kansas City, Missouri
Marketing Strategy
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Posted January 24
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Project Overview

Our nonprofit needs support crafting a templated communications plan for Creative Emajinations Day, taking place every year on June 1st. Creative Emajinations Day has been proclaimed by the Mayor of Kansas City to bring awareness to accessing the Arts for young people while working to close the opportunity gap that exists within underserved communities.

We hope to use this framework for future program initiatives, fundraising events, or call-to-action situations.

We need your expertise to communicate big moments for our nonprofit clearly, concisely, and consistently. We are looking for a skilled communications professional to create a checklist to guide our organization through the who, what, when, and how of sharing program updates, internal shifts, or responses to current events.

This checklist should pull in all the various channels that our nonprofit should use to reach staff, users, clients, volunteers, or funders, so we have a standardized plan for outreach. The templated communications plan should take into account our current marketing tools.

This project is a priority for us as it represents the work the organization has achieved and accomplished over the past years. We will use the communication plan to share with volunteers, community members, and donors that would like to get involved in raising awareness in support of underserved youth's access to the Arts. There will be complete transparency throughout the project, encouraging the sharing of feedback to increase productivity and avoid making the same mistakes. Creative Emajinations Day has been proclaimed by the Mayor of Kansas City in support of Creative Emajinations. We hope that this project will be one that you can truly feel your time was well spent.

To prepare for the creation of this communications checklist, we have taken stock of existing email, PR, or social media tactics that have worked well for similar organizations. We will implement the results of this project by 3/23/23. This project should take from 1 to 3 weeks to complete. We're hopeful that our volunteer partner will share 2-5 hours of their time per week.


Nonprofit Overview

Creative Emajinations exsist to provide performance arts services to youth that do not get receive these services due to lack of resources.


Marketing strategy
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