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Columbus Works, Inc.
6 - 9 weeks
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Columbus, Ohio
Marketing Strategy

Posted January 24
Member since 2022-12-05

Project Overview

Columbus Works is looking to work with an experienced marketing professional to create a marketing plan for a new initiative we are launching. This plan would include some market analysis, identifying our target audience, setting goals, creating a timeline, specific tactics, publicity, outreach, social media, and communications. We are, of course, fully open to the expertise of the volunteers we match with!

The nonprofit sector has been impacted quite profoundly by the economic fluctuations we've seen in recent years. Funding sources are decreasing or disappearing altogether. Yet, the need and demand for nonprofit services have increased substantially. In response to this, and in an effort to strengthen our organization's sustainability, Columbus Works is looking to step out to launch a new SOCIAL ENTERPRISE!

Through our Workforce Solutions initiative, we aim to generate earned revenue by partnering with local employers to train, place, and coach Opportunity Talent in their businesses. Our proven workforce development and job readiness programs have led hundreds of our neighbors throughout the Columbus metro area to move out of poverty and into self-sufficiency through sustained full-time employment. Our well-prepared and diverse Members bring stability into the workplace and help employers reduce costs associated with turnover and attrition. We believe that by offering these solutions more broadly, we can generate income, independent of government and grant funding, that will allow us to continue delivering on our mission for many years to come!

We need your help. To date, we haven't figured out how to create a compelling message. We need a marketing expert to help us develop a marketing plan for this new endeavor, to get the attention of local businesses and potential new employer partners, and to communicate the value of partnering with Columbus Works to "Hire. For Good."

In 2022, our organization spent three months creating a strategic plan. This initiative came out of that quite rigorous planning process. It is a top organizational priority, and our CEO will be leading the implementation and execution of the plan with the full support of our board of directors.


Nonprofit Overview

At Columbus Works, we have the audacity to believe that poverty can, in fact, be eliminated. Therefore, our mission is to eliminate poverty in Columbus and the greater Central Ohio region by providing workforce development services and job readiness programming that prepare our neighbors living in poverty to equitably access jobs that pay a life- and family-sustaining wage, so that they can create self-sufficiency for themselves and their families.


Marketing strategy