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You'll have a 30 minute call to discuss the scope and deliverables of the project directly with StEP - Solving the E-Waste Problem, and for them to confirm you're a good fit.


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StEP - Solving the E-Waste Problem
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Vienna, Austria
Website design

Posted November 22
Member since 2022-11-09

Project Overview

We seek a web designer to create structure and design options for our nonprofit website. We have a website programmed in Contao, hosted by a German CMS-Hosting service. The volunteer should assess and incorporate our goals and needs and consider our key audiences. The designer should also assess our technical capabilities. The project's deliverable is a draft of architecture and design concepts that we can easily share with a web developer volunteer or a member of our team who will use the guide to create our new site.

Our work will take place over multiple meetings in six to nine weeks. In our first meeting, the volunteer should interview us about our desired features, our web capabilities, and our technical expertise. Then, they'll synthesize the information into a requirements briefing. We'll engage in various check-ins, where a member or members of our team will provide feedback. The volunteer will audit our current site to create a draft of site architecture and design options including wireframes, site structure, and other visual elements.

Our association is a unique multi-stakeholder platform and does important work for the prevention and reduction of e-waste. We are very enthusiastic about scaling up our activities and do awareness raising more widely. We also plan to reach out to and engage more stakeholders from the e-waste sector and would like to use our website as one tool to achieve this. Since our secretariat is tiny, we rely on volunteer work. We also donate some of our time voluntarily to run the organization, and would enormously appreciate someone supporting us in revamping our website.

We have already thought about and are prepared to brief you about our current website platform, budget restrictions for the build, our branding collaterals and norms, and information about our stakeholder groups and target audiences. We've also compiled some photos and have some language developed that we will share with you and samples of sites we like.


Nonprofit Overview

StEP envisions being an agent and steward of change, uniquely leading global thinking, knowledge, awareness, and innovation in the management and development of environmentally, economically, and ethically-sound e-waste resource recovery, re-use, and prevention.


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