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The Healthcare Navigation Project
1 - 3 weeks
Can be done remotely
Milford, Connecticut
Marketing Strategy

Posted November 22
Member since 2022-09-13

Project Overview

We need one skilled program designer for 1 to 2 weeks to create our social media rollout.
We recently won The CODY award for Nonprofit of the YEAR!.....and with that, our name changed, branding, and a brand new website were completed at the same time, with a launch date of November 10th!

We are in need of a skilled social media volunteer to help. We lack the skills. This volunteer work will be creating the first independent public healthcare education program for our youth and their families. Nothing like our program exists. Your help will take an over 20-year mission to reality!

Did you know that only 15% of all our youth, with or without special health care needs, are transitioned to adult care by their providers? We did!

The Healthcare Navigation Project (formerly known as Parent it Forward), founded in April of 2022, is the first independent and immersive health literacy and life skills programĀ© in the country. We use the Patient-Centered Medical and Specialty Home models, the CDC definition of health literacy, and The World Health Organization's three main life skills for mental health as our foundation.

We created an immersive experience. For example, we learn basic healthcare navigation skills in part by learning telephone skills and body language and using a HIPAA-compliant script (took 20 years to cull the questions) and we call physicians together. These kids have never even been to the doctor by themselves, never mind calling one. With your help, we can empower our youth and their families to navigate their own healthcare. We have all the pieces of the program and took eight modules and trimmed down to five. Currently, they are: Navigating Specialty Healthcare; Resources for Mental Health and everything else; Basic Healthcare Navigation Skills; Let's talk about everything pharmacy; and Customer care and the future of healthcare. You are be the missing and final piece needed to truly launch our program....without the advertising piece, we don't have a program!


Nonprofit Overview

The Healthcare Navigation Project is an independent 501(c)(3) intentionally designed to disrupt our complex healthcare system with a health literacy and mental health life-skills programĀ©2022, for ALL youth transitioning to adult care (HCT). This includes rare or chronic disease, underserved communities, or those with educational disabilities.


Marketing strategy
Social media strategy