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6 - 9 weeks
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Essex, Maryland
HR Management
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Posted August 15
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Project Overview

Our organization is in a place where I need to start hiring some people for assistance and I am not sure where I am supposed to start. We need assistance developing our hiring plan and the role descriptions for our new open positions. Also looking to set up the employment process from beginning to end.I have been operating for the last three years from my own pocket. I have now been in contact with 10 schools who are looking to have us come in and do some work and they are willing to pay for the services. I need someone to help me set up the process so that I do it right in the beginning and not have to redo or have any negative consequences from doing it wrong.I have been trying to do research and I have QuickBooks in place. I have an employment application and some rules and policies in place.


Nonprofit Overview

Y-KNOT Inc.'s mission is to stimulate knowledge, nurture ideas, create opportunities and teach life long lessons.


Hr management