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6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Altadena, California
Marketing Strategy

Posted June 23
Member since 2022-06-22

Project Overview

Poly/Ana is looking for skilled marketers to help jump-start our social media marketing. We are in need of someone who can contribute to our overall digital marketing strategy and implement the first Poly/Ana social media marketing campaigns.Poly/Ana is on a mission to educate, inspire, and empower people to honor and protect Earth's natural, living systems. Poly/Ana wants to promote its workshops, webinars, and teach people about environmentally beneficial practices. Help to set Poly/Ana up for success and expand our NPO's visibility and reach. Develop and implement our inaugural social media marketing campaigns. Together, we can make a positive impact on our environment.The President of Poly/Ana and the Poly/Ana Board of Directors have prepared for this project by compiling resource lists. The President of Poly/Ana will collaborate with the Taproot Volunteer Team to develop a social media marketing strategy. The social media marketing campaign will be outlined by the Taproot Volunteer Team, and the first posts will be made by the Taproot Volunteer Team. The Taproot Volunteer Team will guide the Poly/Ana team in ways to maximize efforts, time, and resources to best leverage their social media marketing practices. After 9 weeks, the social media accounts will be handed off to the in-house team who will continue to implement the strategy outlined by the Tarpoot Volunteer Team.


Nonprofit Overview

Poly/Ana's mission is to empower people to honor and protect Earth's natural, living systems. Poly/Ana provides hands-on workshops, webinars, and reliable resources. To collect scientific evidence of the best ways to benefit the environment, we conduct research studies on regenerative practices. By strengthening support for the ecosystems that sustain our lives, we serve a cause that’s imperative to all people’s well-being.


Social media strategy
Marketing strategy