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Young Women Crush Cancer Inc.
4 - 5 weeks
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Kennesaw, Georgia
Board Development

Posted June 23
Member since 2022-04-16

Project Overview

A board can and should do more than fundraise, but building and engaged and effective board of directors is one of the most difficult tasks a nonprofit can face A board recruitment projects helps a nonprofit outline the right board team for its specific needs and develops the marketing tools needed to build a solid board pipeline that consistently brings in the right candidates.

During this project a pro bono consultant assesses the nonprofit’s current strategic priorities, board role, board structure, and conducts a needs analysis. The consultant then identifies an ideal board structure, board recruitment process, and develops board position profiles for future recruitment efforts. Finally, the pro bono consultant creates a marketing analysis which identifies how other organizations recruiting similar candidates position themselves, high value methods for outreach to potential candidates, and tools such as key messages and recruitment. materials.

What activities will be completed as part of the project:
Discovery interviews with relevant staff and a review the organization’s strategic plan, existing board-related documentation, and other human resources-related information.
A basic market analysis that describes the current recruiting environment and identify recruiting possibilities and challenges.
A gap assessment that maps the current board against the needs of the nonprofit and highlights recruitment priorities and is the basis for position profiles.
Provide marketing and recruitment guidelines, such as key messages, and a marketing action plan which includes communications guidelines, a timeline, and task assignments for those in charge of implementation.

Redeveloping the board of directors for my nonprofit, Young Women Crush Cancer, will help us to reach more people who can support the young women cancer survivors that we support. Adding new board members who are committed to our dream support mission will allow us to have increased advancement activity, the generation of new ideas, and improved advocacy. The goal is to advance our mission by providing monetary dream support awards to more women and bringing more awareness within our community; in order to reach more young women survivors.

1. I am looking to get information on the best platforms to use and how to ask someone to become a new board member.
2. I also can use advice on how to determine if someone is a good board member for my organization; by asking the right questions.
3. Lastly, it will be good to know how to have effective board member conversations to promote activity.
4. I also will like to better understand the traditional roles of board members and the executive committee
What board officer roles do you have? Is there an executive committee? President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary. No there is not an executive committee
What board committees exist, and how active are they? I have 3 board members who are barely active. They do show up for the annual grand event. However, throughout the year it is difficult to get activity.
What is the ideal board-executive director relationship? I will like to learn more about this.
What kind of decisions does the board make? Currently, I make most of the decisions.
How does the board make decisions? Can you describe some recent decisions and how the board dealt with them? The board has tried to help me with finding and determining the best venue for our grand event. However, their commitment wavers and soon totally dissipates unless I reinitiate interest.
What priority do you give to board management issues, as compared to other issues facing the organization? I haven't place this as a priority but know that I need to now.
How do you deal with board management issues currently? Who decides what you need to do and when? I don't have an established for this as of yet.
Who is responsible for interviewing and evaluating candidates? I am.
Do you have standard processes or materials for evaluating candidates? Are the people participating in evaluating candidates trained on these materials? I do not, but I know I need one.


Nonprofit Overview

Our mission is to support the dreams, fulfill the psychosocial needs, and keep young women between the ages of 18 and 49 years who have been affected by cancer encouraged.


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