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Canary Housing Inc.
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Syracuse, New York

Posted May 19
Member since 2020-10-09

Project Overview

Our small nonprofit is working on a disability housing project for a complex disability with no accessible housing and no funding path. We would like to do a crowdfunding campaign but we are having trouble figuring out how to present ourselves outside of our disability network. So this request is partly finding an effective message and partly a marketing strategy. We would like to have a meeting to discuss the disability in general, and we have some papers we have written that give a good background on the struggle. And we would like to have a one-hour meeting with our Board to discuss how to go forward with crowdfunding, and what our best presentation options are. Thank you. If our first housing site is successful it will be a model for other states to use. Housing law goes state by state. Housing is the single most important issue for this disability, Environmental Illness, and it is a problem across the country. In addition, we have several hundred people who need this kind of accessible housing and we need to create a path to safer housing. People get very desperate when they have been looking for decades without success and watch the disability degenerate. This is the first affordable and accessible project east of Arizona. We had a good business plan until Covid increased interest rates and building costs and we desperately need to salvage this first Limited Equity, Scattered site, cooperative.We will use the volunteer's help to direct the crowdfunding effort. We have been offered a grant for professional crowdfunding planning and execution, but we need to guide the web person in a good messaging and marketing direction. We have written the grant and now need to refine the estimate with better messaging.


Nonprofit Overview

To create and coordinate development of a “ Limited Equity” “Scattered Site Cooperative” for housing in NYS dedicated to the restrictive lifestyle required by chemically and electrically sensitive people


Public relations
Marketing strategy