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Restoration Center Inc.
6 - 9 weeks
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Largo, Maryland
Grant writing/development

Posted May 19
Member since 2019-12-05

Project Overview

I need assistance with preparing the major components of a grant application so I am prepared to apply when announcements are released. I also need assistance with identifying grant opportunities that are a good fit for my organization.Established in 2007, the Restoration Center, Inc. is a professional counseling center offering services to the residents in the Washington, DC metropolitan area who have historically been denied access to quality mental services. Additionally, the Restoration Center serves as a training facility for graduate students pursuing a degree in counseling, psychology, or social work. Clinical supervision for clinicians pursuing full licensure is also offered.

In 2019, the Restoration Center, Inc. separated from its initial funder, Reid Temple African Methodist Episcopal Church. Shortly after separating from Reid Temple COVID-19 arrived in the United States and the monies raised previously are what has helped the Restoration Center continue its mission to serve as both a counseling center and training facility.

Restoration has a long-standing history of providing mental health programs beyond the walls and would like to continue to do so. To that end, we are seeking funding to support the mental health services that are desperately needed in the community. We would like to secure funding that will allow us to provide services in the office, via social media platforms, and within the community.

Restoration recently dedicated its new office space in Largo, Maryland, and is in need of funds to support our work. We welcome the expertise of a volunteer who likes to think out of the box and wants to partner with us to improve the mental health of individuals, couples, and families.The Restoration Center's Board of Directors has approved a three-year strategic plan and reviewed the data we have to confirm our target client and the services we offer. We recently responded to a grant announcement and have been securing RFPs for future grant proposals. The staff and board members are working together to compile a list of community stakeholders to introduce ourselves and consider opportunities for partnership.

The Restoration Center will host a virtual Open House in June for previous partners and prospective partners. In July, during the Annual BOD Retreat, we would like to spend some time reviewing and completing grant proposals.

The entire leadership team and staff of the Restoration Center are available to offer assistance with providing data and information that will help us meet our objectives in a timely fashion.


Nonprofit Overview

Restoration Center, Inc. seeks to provide culturally relevant services to address the spiritual, psychological, biological, and sociological needs of persons who have historically been denied access to quality services. The Center serves as a training facility for persons pursuing a degree or professional license in psychology, social work or counseling. Restoration also partners with local, state, and federal agencies to provide opportunities for researchers and practitioners to learn more about the spiritual, psychological, and physical well-being of African Americans.


Grant writing