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Junior Achievement of Greater Baton Rouge & Acadiana
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Baton Rouge, LA

Posted May 18
Member since 2020-09-01

Project Overview

Junior Achievement will be launching a $12.5 million Capital Campaign to bring a curriculum-based immersive learning facility to Baton Rouge. This facility will house dual JA Capstone Programs, JA BizTown and JA Finance Park. At this 25,000 sq ft learning center, students in grades 6th-12th across Greater Baton Rouge would spend a day practicing job and financial skills. Students will learn by doing, in the state-of-the-art experiential Discovery Center. This Campaign includes the construction and build, operation, and sustainability of this facility to be located centrally in Baton Rouge to serve students in Greater Baton Rouge.

Thousands of students will be able to participate in these immersive experiences each school year. We are in need of Capital Campaign messaging for the fundraising campaign that will launch in early 2023.This facility would give students the opportunity to become adults for a day, whether running a business or managing their "family" finances, middle and high school students better connect with learning objective through experiential learning. Junior Achievement is a strong education solution provider for school systems, annually mentoring 22,000 K-12th grade students in Greater Baton Rouge. Most of our work in done by mentors in the classroom, who teach JA work readiness, financial literacy and business/entrepreneurial curriculum. But, to make real strides preparing young people for the workforce or to reduce barriers to equitable outcomes, students need opportunities in the classroom to put these concepts into practice long before they are needed in real life.

Experiential learning experiences, like the ones of the Discovery Center, helps students better connect the classroom to their real lives, they immerse themselves in these "learning-by-doing" opportunities. Junior Achievement uses the power of mentoring and Common Core curriculum to support educators, students and parents. Our mission is to help young people become 100% ready for work, financially savvy, and business minded. This Discovery Center will empower the next generations of young people to thrive in their careers and in their financial lives. But, to make it a reality, we need to have a powerful message to compel others to get involved or give. We are currently building a Discovery Center Executive Team to support this Campaign's goals and a consulting firm is currently conducting feasibility study and we are currently looking for our site with the help of the school system, the Mayor's office and a commercial realtor. We are grateful to have a $1.5million pledge from a Foundation to start our fundraising campaign. Later this year, we will launch the public phase of the Capital Campaign.


Nonprofit Overview

Junior Achievement's mission is to inspire and prepare young people with skills to create economic success.


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