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Grimalkin Records
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Surry, Virginia
Marketing Strategy

Posted May 19
Member since 2022-05-17

Project Overview

We could use help with actual fundraising in the community and extending our reach and finding new people who would be interested in supporting our work. We are looking for volunteers with marketing experience to help us with spreading the word about our mission, artists, fundraisers, workshops, shows, and other events on trans, queer, and music message boards, Facebook groups, and social media.

We are looking for folks who are passionate about the work we do and who want to be involved in supporting marginalized artists and their communities within music and beyond and in creating alternative systems of support for marginalized artists.A huge struggle is marketing and outreach. I do not have a marketing background, and it is extremely difficult to do so many things with running a business that I do not have the skills and experience doing. We recently got the Google grant for nonprofits and I was given advice on how to slowly improve our SEO. Again, this is why we need funding and support. We need to be able to hire like-minded folks who have the skills and experience in things like marketing, promotion and social media, so that we can do the things we are doing even better, more broadly and more efficiently. At this point, I am wearing too many hats and doing the work that several people would be doing in a typical business, and we could be doing so much better and providing so much more support if we had the money, means, resources, and hired personnel. I know there are people out there who would want to support what we are doing if we could reach them.
We currently have a business and marketing plan, pitch deck, and budget. We also have fundraising and marketing materials, and the ability to provide any other information you need. We have a few college interns now who can help make additional fundraising and marketing graphics if they are needed.


Nonprofit Overview

Our Mission
Grimalkin Records is a trans and queer led mutual aid-oriented record label and collective created to support and foster connections between queer artists (with priority to QTBIPOC), listeners, and their local communities and grassroots organizations.

As a record label, we release music, produce merchandise (including cassettes, lathe cuts, stickers, pins, and more), host benefit shows, educational workshops and skillshares, support artists, and promote the work of queer and trans artists worldwide. Sales from our releases benefit the artists, as well as grassroots organizations and mutual aid collectives of the artists’ choosing.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit designated as a public charity 509(a)(2).

Our Vision
We envision a world where all dedicated artists, especially marginalized artists, can make a living wage from their art and music and have access to support and resources they need to create and live healthy and personally fulfilling lives. We are forging alternative paths and systems of support and artist development and envision a world where these become the standard in music and art.


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Marketing strategy