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1 - 3 weeks
Can be done remotely
London, United Kingdom
Marketing Strategy

Posted May 16
Member since 2022-02-05

Project Overview

NaariSamata is looking for a skilled volunteer to set up an effective Google Ads campaign. We have a Google Ad grant already available to us. We would also like the volunteer to set up Google Analytics to see if this is making a difference.NaariSamata is a new charity working on the safety of women, children and marginalised communities. As a new charity that is entirely volunteer-led, we have very little resource to run paid ads on social media. This grant is crucial for us to get our marketing campaign going. Once the ad campaign is set up, we will add our new content to the campaign by replicating the campaign created by the volunteer. As we are looking for an implementation help, this will be done as a part of the project.


Nonprofit Overview

NaariSamata works on the safety of women, children, the vulnerable, marginalised communities on issues related to gender, caste, and sexuality.


Marketing management
Google analytics
Google ad words