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Women On Change
1 - 3 weeks
Can be done remotely
Washington, D.C.
Business Planning

Posted May 13
Member since 2022-05-13

Project Overview

Women on Change is looking to build on its successes by developing a concrete plan to share its progress since founded. With an existing business plan in place, we believe with two volunteers, we can achieve this work in two to three weeks working directly with the Executive Director.

We are in need of strategically planner/s to help align us in executing annual fundraising projects to gain sponsors to fund youths creative projects annually. For the past five years, we have been executing projects and now ready to showcase our progress to gain the right management and board to grow and partners sustainable our impact.

While we are flexible working volunteers schedule, we anticipate this project can take between 2-3 weeks since we already have the majority of the information we need, including a business plan with financial projections. We will not be starting from scratch unless the volunteers believe that we should. This project is of high priority for WoC and volunteers alike because as a grassroot volunteer organization, we build skills of the youth (age 18-30 years old) to give back to those ages 8-18 years old. When you volunteer, fifty youths in our program this summer will benefit from your talent when you choose to volunteer with WoC on our strategic alignment. There’s mutual impact to grow your network with two generations and organizations looking to invest in them, as we promote you. You are helping build a pipeline of like-minded skilled volunteers, who are looking to have an impact as young mentors and business owners in their communities to change lives. When you choose to work with us, you will have the following:
1. A crafted plan with financial projections that need updated to align with where we are now
2. A dedicated team and Executive Director
3. Flexibility to bring bring your creativity to the process to help serve 50 youths, who already apply to our program.

This project will be implemented by executing a fundraising event by August 2022 to help us gain partners, volunteers, mentors, coaches to invest between $5K-$25K in 40 youth entrepreneurial project, which we hope the same volunteers who work on the plan will continue to play a role in.


Nonprofit Overview

Women On Change train and invest in youth age 18-30 years old to find their creativity to solve challenges entrepreneurially on a global scale, as they mentor youth ages 8-18 years old.


Grant writing
Strategic analysis
Business planning