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Vermont Council on World Affairs Inc.
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Burlington, Vermont
Website design

Posted November 23
Member since 2021-07-06

Project Overview

The Vermont Council on World Affairs (VCWA) is currently seeking skilled web design volunteers interested in assisting our organization to revamp and revitalize our existing website: We are looking for a volunteer willing to take a deep dive into our current website design and layout, make recommendations for improvement, and assist with the implementation of a new and improved website. In addition to recommendations provided by the skilled volunteer, we hope to implement a more engaging home/landing page, interactive maps and graphs, a membership portal, and more. Our website is currently built using Squarespace so this project will largely focus on design rather than development, but we are able to embed code in Squarespace as well.
"Oh cool, what exactly does your organization do?" is often the first thing we are asked as employees of the VCWA. As a small nonprofit organization committed to citizen diplomacy and international exchange, we believe a new and improved website will help answer this question in a clear, engaging, and impact-driven way. An updated website will assist us in expanding awareness about our mission to "bring the world to Vermont and Vermont to the world" and ultimately engage more Vermonters in international exchange programs and public forums related to topics of global importance.
Our team has met various times to brainstorm what we hope to include in a new and revitalized website but we highly value the opinion of an external web design expert. We hope that the skilled volunteer interested in working on this project can take the information, text, statistics, and content we provide about our work and incorporate it into an improved website design/layout. Since we are hoping to continue using the Squarespace platform, we hope that updating information and content following the completion of the project will be fairly straightforward and sustainable. The VCWA's Exchange Program Manager and External Affairs Manager are ready to collaborate with a skilled volunteer and provide the information needed to advance the project.

Nonprofit Overview

The Vermont Council on World Affairs, in cooperation with the public and private sectors, promotes an awareness and understanding of the world and its people through public forums, hosting international visitors and working with our educational institutions to develop programs for students, faculty, staff and community.


User interface design
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