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Morristown, New Jersey
Public Relations
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Posted November 22
Member since 2020-11-13

Project Overview

We are in desperate need of a PR strategy and specific ways to implement something like this. We have many events, initiatives, and successes, but we do not know the best way for the word to be shared and amplified.
Promly is a start-up technology company aimed at reducing teen suicide by providing teens and GenZ with options to be connected to their peers, have their "voices" heard through writing and podcasts (The "Promly ChangeMakers"), and provide education and resources around mental health. We also do a lot of advocacy in government trying to eliminate the "how to tie a noose" videos on YouTube knowing that the teen suicide rate by way of hanging has increased by exponential numbers in the past few years. We spoke before Congress recently on this issue and have been featured on podcasts and in speaking events covering many topics related to teen mental health.
We need a solid PR strategy in order to reach as many teens and changemakers as possible. We would like a professional to help us with a plan that helps us promote our app (once launched), our upcoming concert, promote our public speaking and advocacy work & promote our GenZ created Promly ChangeMakers publication and podcast.
We are a small group of energized people who want to save the lives of teens! We need your help to spread the word about our awesome product! We already have some small initiatives in place by our interns- we just need someone who can take us to the next level. We have the budget to support this and can implement changes immediately! link to overview of Promly link to overview of concert event
We have a former intern now full-time assistant to help expedite recommendations. We just don't know where to start. What's the best way to write a press release? Are there channels we should consider? Is there a way to get on certain "lists" to be considered for future speaking events?

Nonprofit Overview

According to the CDC, 5400 kids (grades 7-12) attempt suicide daily in the US. Our goal at Promly is to be 10 steps ahead of teen suicide. We have created a digital ecosystem that helps teens build real connectedness and find free 24/7 mental health support whenever they need it. We partner with other non-profits aimed at reaching the teen market through our digital platform. We also provide a publication site, The Promly ChangeMakers (, to amplify the GenZ voice, provide resources, and give students opportunities to shine through our promotion.


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