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Ripples USA
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Frisco, Texas
Marketing Strategy
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Posted September 07
Member since 2017-09-05

Project Overview

We are seeking someone who is skilled in social media marketing, particularly with Facebook and Instagram. We need a strategy to help us increase the likes, impressions, and engagement our posts receive.

There is an awareness gap in regards to programs that provide solutions to promote improved life sustainability for women in African villages. Professional women and men who have a heart for capacity building and serving are missing out on the opportunity to invest their time and talent to empower women daily. We believe volunteers are the unsung heroes of the charity sector and we applaud anyone who is willing to give up their time to make a “world of difference, and make change happen”. They want to help women to transform their lives, save money, and support their families and the communities around them.

Ripples Volunteers are giving a hand up to women and youth to create ripples of lasting change and break the cycle of poverty.

Do you want to work directly with Ripples staff in Africa, who are making change happen on the ground? Do you want the opportunity (if you’re interested) to join project teams to visit, and see the impact of your contributions in Africa? Please join us and change lives, one village woman at a time.We have a budget of $10,000/month from Google. We need you to help us spend this and:
1. Increase the number of LIKES on your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages by 20%
2. Increase the number of comments and post engagement on our Facebook page by 20%
3. Increase impressions by 50%
4. Increase the number of re-tweets and engagement with our Twitter account by 20%.

We know you have a passion for creating and managing social media and content marketing strategies, including the ability to orchestrate every detail and then measure results and you know how to leverage social networks to enhance campaign performance and nurture current prospects

With your help we will succeed. Join us! Let’s make hunger history, and give African village children the chance of a better future.We have built Personas for our different products and have our messaging clearly outlined. We need you to help us use these tools to attain our set goals. We welcome your input to make these better and we're committed to reviewing and updating our strategies with your input and help.


Nonprofit Overview

Our Mission: Creating prosperity and a secured future for women
Ripples Invests in the Economic and Social prosperity of the African village woman, with the goal of improving their quality of life and investing in their future. Our ultimate goal is to create prosperity for working African village women by giving them micro-finance and/or inputs and helping them set up their own sustainable businesses, save and invest in their own futures.


Marketing strategy
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