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Impact Bay Area
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
San Francisco, California

Posted November 19
Member since 2017-01-23

Project Overview

Project Goal: Reposition IMPACT Bay area to expand customer base and sell private classes.

Project Expectations:
- Understand IMPACT Bay Area’s goals, what we do, value, benefits, differentiator by engaging with our leaders and reviewing the research we have already done.
- Do any additional research if required (for example, talking to customers, what appeals to them, feedback on classes, customer needs, review existing assets, website, social pages, etc).
- Based on gathered insights, develop positioning statement, key-value propositions, overall narrative/brand story (higher-order benefits) that will appeal to a broader audience that IMPACT wants to target for private classes.
- Segment the target audience, and develop messaging catered to each (for example, corporate, schools/youth, community groups, women, young adults, LGBTQ+, regional, etc)

Project Deliverables: Deliver the following, which then IMPACT may adapt across various media and channels (pitch presentations, website, flyers, social media posts, testimonials, etc) to promote itself and the classes.
- Overall positioning statement
- Value propositions – Overall benefits as well as key features (for the organization and each class)
- Messaging by audience segments (to be identified as mentioned above)

IMPACT Bay Area teaches personal safety skills including effective boundary setting, situational awareness, de-escalating threatening situations through verbal skills and body language, and physical self-defense. Though our focus has been people at higher risk for violence, especially trauma victims, the skills we teach and techniques we have developed through our experience and research are universal -- applicable to a wide range of situations and beneficial for everyone. This does not come across in the current messaging and positioning, because of which we are losing potential customers. Our private classes can be catered to any audience (by gender, age, work environment, etc). We want to improve the appeal of our private classes to individuals and corporations who will be willing to pay for such training, so we can continue to direct the revenue towards helping those that are vulnerable.
This project is based on feedback from multiple stakeholders (past clients, Board members, and marketing consultants) that the value of our classes may only be clear after someone has taken a class, not before. The IMPACT Board and staff are fully supportive of this messaging project and eager to put the project deliverables into practice. We have already conducted interviews with some of these stakeholders will share those notes with the Taproot team. We also have a full suite of private class content that is ready for fresh messaging. IMPACT will use the delivered messaging and adapt it across various channels and media as per the marketing plan to market itself to potential customers.

Nonprofit Overview

Impact Bay Area is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that teaches effective boundary setting, personal safety, and physical self-defense skills. Our classes are tailored to meet the needs of different ages, genders, and communities.

We envision a community where everyone has the personal safety tools to live a fuller, more confident life.


Marketing strategy
Public relations