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Pomona Community Health Center
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Pomona, California
Website development

Posted November 17
Member since 2020-11-16

Project Overview

ParkTree respectfully requests a user-friendly, ADA-compliant website design that is appealing to our patients and the community. Create space for us to expand Spanish language content, allow for easy updates by staff and have the website drive interest in our health center.
Elevator pitch: From static to dramatic, our website is in need of a total makeover worthy of the community we serve and the quality of care we provide. Now more than ever, ParkTree must modernize its website to remain relevant within the healthcare space to attract patients seeking up to date information and to demonstrate that ParkTree has a commitment to upscale information technologies to impact healthcare outcomes. At this time, much of healthcare is the transition to various telehealth modalities and our website should be the first demonstration of our aptitude within this arena. An updated website will attract patients, potential employees, and donors – all of which are needed to fulfill our mission. The volunteer's investment of time will be very well-spent as we are very respectful of the efforts of all of our volunteers.
ParkTree will assign the Director of Administration and Special Projects to work with the volunteer to assist in the design and implementation of the website. To best prepare for this project, the Director has reviewed the websites of similar organizations (Federally Qualified Health Centers) and has observed the various aspects that make their websites enticing and compelling. Several years ago, ParkTree worked with a marketing company that analyzed our community, consumers and learned why people were attracted to our health center. The Director will share those concepts with the volunteer to assist them in preparing the updated website. ParkTree is aware that there are multiple end-users for the website including those looking for answers to medical/dental questions, potential patients of our health center and current and future donors looking for recognition and methods to contribute. The Director understands the needs of these various end-users and will be of value to the volunteer(s) assigned to this project. Once implemented, the Director will be responsible for updating content, adding donors and maintaining the website to remain relevant to the ever changing healthcare environment.

Nonprofit Overview

To be the medical home for the underserved in our community by providing high quality preventive and primary care health services.


Web development
Graphic design - web
Database administration
Data visualization