Snow City Arts Foundation
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
Chicago, Illinois

Posted October 26
Member since 2020-10-23

This project is currently inactive, and cannot accept applications at this time.

Project Overview

Snow City Arts, an award-winning arts education nonprofit in Chicago, is ready to resume the migration process it began planning for in February, 2020 at a Taproot Pro Bono Marathon in Chicago, leaving its clunky, inefficient donor database, GiftWorks, for Salesforce for NonProfits, customized to suit its needs during a time of transition and long term partnership building. February, 2020 is our preferred month for the actual migration.

Data which has been handled in different ways by a variety of staff over decade, and a system which has significant limitations in its reporting and dashboard capabilities, particularly for a staff now working remotely, needs to be cleaned systemically, parameters determined for what data will move forward, and its existing SFNP account setup evaluated and modified to handle much more complex data and integrate with other operations tools as possible.

Snow City Arts seeks keen planning oversight, support with preparation for the migration and in the selection of a vendor should we determine we need to hire a consultant to do the actual migration. It may also ask for guidance in solidifying a timetable and plan for onboarding and training. We aim to develop our SFNP functionality and impact on our work, as we learn and grow with the new system.

Having investigated several fundraising database options using criteria developed by staff and with our Taproot team in early spring of 2020, immediately preceding the pandemic, Snow City Arts needed to suspend any major infrastructure changes. Since March 13, the organization has focused on developing and delivering new HIPAA compliant virtual programming for our students while we were off pediatric floors, and offering some of it for free to the public. Read about our adaptations in an article published by the National Endowment for the Arts on 10/20/20.

Our nimble organization-wide pivots have not been matched by our cumbersome databases and upgrades to both our proprietary student database LEO and migrating our development database have been prioritized for Q4 of 2020 and Q1 of 2021.

This major migration has been a goal of the organization for well over a year at this point, so sets of functions, reports and dashboards have been identified in alignment with strategic planning goals for development, communications, and marketing. The Director of Development has now been with the organization for almost 9 months and the new Development and Communications Associate who will work heavily in the system was hired in July and has been onboarded. Both have a better understanding of what they inherited and where workarounds can be traded in for better systems.

Working remotely has highlighted again how crucial it is for us to have a truly web-based tool, that can be shared across departments with clear access controls and with user specific options as programming and development and communications are working much more collaboratively in all areas now that so much all is happening online. Snow City Arts needs to implement a new platform that can help us manage many relationships which are complex, with both organizations and individuals, as its programs and business models continue to evolve, driven by partnerships and funding pathways.

A capacity building grant that could support the actual migration and Salesforce training has been identified. Having Taproot support in planning and preparing for the migration with Salesforce as the destination, will make us a more compelling applicant for funding for its implementation.


Nonprofit Overview

Snow City Arts inspires and educates children and youth in hospitals through the arts.

Snow City Arts provides award-winning arts education to 1,300 students in Chicago hospitals annually, and launched their Virtual Learning/Instrucción Virtual in April, 2020.