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American Bar Association Fund for Justice and Education
6 - 9 weeks
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Chicago, Illinois
IT Infrastructure

Posted October 16
Member since 2020-10-12

Project Overview

The American Bar Association produces an annual leadership directory (aka The Redbook) that is utilized as a public relations tool. I am not sure if this project would qualify as a public relations project, but I will provide as much information as possible to determine the best option. The leadership directory contains over 500 pages of information on the sections, divisions, forums and key leaders in the American Bar Association. This directory also provides information on key events, namely the Midyear and Annual meetings. This tool gives members and non-members a snapshot of the projects, key staff and key volunteers that carry out the mission and work of the American Bar Association. The leadership directory also contains the leadership information of affiliated legal organizations providing them the opportunity to highlight their membership and links to their organization websites.
The American Bar Association is seeking support to develop a leadership directory that is informative and meaningful to its members and the legal community. We are seeking an innovative solution to proving high quality data that will build relationships among our members and partners. In a time when building membership is key to the longevity of the American Bar Association, the leadership directory can be a supplementary tool in our public relations toolkit to highlighting the work and key decision makers of the organization. We need a forward thinking volunteer who can help reimagine our leadership directory as an exciting tool that will enhance and garner new members and volunteers.
The project is managed by the Policy Manager in the ABA's Policy and Planning Division. This project usually has the support of the Division's librarian, but due to a medical leave, this project is managed and supported by the Policy Manager. The project spans for a period of four-six months which involves outreach to internal and external entities. When the project is complete, it is marketed widely to the ABA membership, national and local bar associations and legal organizations.
This process involves having admin staff from the respective entities update their information in the ABA's database - Personify - which is extracted and uploaded into an external database managed by an outside vendor. The outside vendor then takes the leadership information and compiles it into a book which is available online and hard copy for the public. It is a cumbersome process that takes up a lot of vital hours that can be used towards more meaningful projects. I am looking for a skilled volunteer(s) who can provide suggestions on a better way to produce this information for the public that also provides meaningful education and information about the American Bar Association. I am curious what other large non-profits utilize to share their leadership information and ways we can use the leadership directory to enhance membership.

Nonprofit Overview

Our mission is to serve equally our members, our profession and the public by defending liberty and delivering justice as the national representative of the legal profession.


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