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Patrick’s Kids Foundation (PKF)
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
McDonough, Georgia
Marketing Strategy
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Posted October 03
Member since 2018-11-07

Project Overview

Patrick's Kids Foundation, Inc. (PKF) is seeking skilled volunteers with marketing strategy and great ideas to develop an engaging Giving Tuesday fund raising campaign and help us run a successful online fundraising on November 30, 2021.
Our goal is to create a comprehensive strategy that incorporates: the PKF website, PKF YouTube Channel, Google advertising, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, to achieve a successful fundraising campaign in reaching out to supporters and will allow us to raise awareness for our mission.
Join us in our mission to cultivate a healthy community of educated leaders in Haiti who will uplift and change the social and economic trajectory of the country and to empower the next generation with the tools to help solve Haiti’s biggest challenges, by fostering teamwork, leadership, and community service. We hope that you would consider embracing and adopting this worthy endeavor as your own, as we seek to create meaningful and sustainable change in the lives of underserved segments of our society.PKF team is prepared to provide the volunteer all of the necessary information to help develop and launch our GivingTuesday online fundraising campaign. We will share our desired messaging, tone, and cadence. We will work closely with the volunteer to ensure that we are providing the necessary guidance and support, while at the same time allowing the volunteer’s creativity to shine.


Nonprofit Overview

Patrick's Kids Foundation, Inc. (PKF) is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit corporation based in McDonough Georgia that provides academic scholarships to the brightest students in Haiti. We are dedicated to leveraging technology to help close the education gap between Haiti and developed nations.
We believe in the holistic development of this generation to develop the leaders of tomorrow! We focus on: mentorship, leadership, wellness, professional development, and service, to help create change agents in Haiti. Education has proven to be an important catalyst to promote positive social and economic change in developing countries and serves as a dynamic tool to empower communities to shape their future.
According to a recent USAID report, the average Haitian age 25 years or older has less than 5 years of a formal education. Moreover, “early grade reading assessment revealed that roughly 75 percent of children at the end of first grade and nearly half of students finishing second grade could not read a single word. Further, only 61 percent of the adult population is literate.” These alarming statistics are amplified in the rural areas of the country. We believe that the low education base of the Haitian population is at the epicenter of the economic and social malaise that the country has experienced since it emerged on the international stage. To learn more, please visit

Join us in our mission to cultivate a healthy community of educated leaders in Haiti who will uplift and change the social and economic trajectory of the country.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Education is the key to eliminating gender inequality, to reducing poverty, to creating a sustainable planet, to preventing needless deaths and illness, and to fostering peace”
~Nelson Mandela~


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