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Tutoria, Inc.
6 - 9 weeks
Can be done remotely
New York, New York
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Posted September 12
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Project Overview

Since we launched a little over a year ago, we have successfully paired hundreds of volunteers and clients in need. We are seeking grant writers , experienced in fundraising and Grant Writing for US based non-profits, to help find and apply for grants, as well as work collaboratively with our Marketing, Data Quality and Reporting, and other teams to collect the data needed to fill out grant applications. Volunteer may be asked to provide general support to the fundraising team.Why Tutoria?: Tutoria is a free online platform connecting seekers of knowledge services with volunteers eager to make a difference. Volunteers and clients can join our site at, select their interests (English tutoring, US Citizenship, or legal aid), and input availability to give or receive such aid. They then connect with one another via direct message.

There is a strong demand from immigrants for education and legal services across the United States. There is also a large supply of volunteers offering to teach such classes. The bottleneck is that connecting immigrants and volunteers is done manually by non-profit staff, who do not have the capacity to provide matching/scheduling services.

Tutoria welcomes all student volunteers to apply with us.
Please note that Tutoria cannot accept those interested in fulfilling 24-month STEM OPT requirements, since this is a volunteer opportunity.
Candidates will be required to submit evidence from their institution verifying that their degree is non-STEM.The consultants will be working closely with Tutoria's leadership. The approach developed by the consultants will serve as an operating model for permanent Tutoria staff, once on-boarded.


Nonprofit Overview

To connect seekers of knowledge services with volunteers eager to make a difference.


Grant writing