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Creative Emajinations
1 - 3 weeks
Can be done remotely
Kansas City, Missouri
Public Relations
7 projects

Posted July 31
Member since 2019-05-09

Project Overview

Creative Emajinations is looking for someone to help with writing a good sponsorship proposal to make contact with potential donors and clients. We have created a proposal if you will take a look and make edits and provide feedback that would be great. This project will be for an upcoming event Launch with up to 50 online guests. We are an arts organization and we have a lot of events we want to implement.
This project is important because we do not have the funding to hire a fundraising professional so as a team we are doing all we can this is our second year serving youth and is very important we establish relationships as quickly as possible. Your help would greatly be appreciated on this project and we will work together to help answer any questions and be as helpful as possible.
We have been able to create a few designs without the help of an expert right now we wouldn't know the quality of what we created. We will use the proposal on an ongoing basis when ever we have events.

Nonprofit Overview

Creative Emajinations exsist to provide performance arts services to youth that do not get receive these services due to lack of resources.


Public relations
Event planning
Media relations